Welcome to the Training Company

We are accredited by the nail and beauty industry governing bodies including:-

THE GUILD OF BEAUTY THERAPISTS AND PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY and, once you have completed your course successfully, the certificate obtained will enable you to obtain insurance for you and your salon through any of these associations.

We can also offer all of our students the opportunity to obtain an NVQ awarded by VTCT using our unique ‘on-line’ portfolio process, making it easier for any student to process their work. The certificate offered with this are equivalent to City & Guilds.

The Training Company also now offer beauty SQA courses, having gained SQA approval.

With over 30 highly qualified Trainers, The Training Company train in over 40 locations throughout the UK, bringing career prospects and high profitability directly to your door.

There is a comprehensive range of courses available for those wishing to start in a new career or professionals who want to advance their knowledge and income. The courses are well structured, informative and professionally managed.

All our courses are to NVQ and VTCT standards so you can be assured that they are of the highest standards and recognised on a national level. We are accredited by the industry lead bodies including THE GULD OF BEAUTY THERAPISTS AND PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY, and, once you have completed your course successfully you will qualify for one of our certificates, which is acknowledged by their insurance companies enabling you to obtain insurance for yourself and your salon.