7 Benefits of becoming a Nail Technician

Always been looking into starting a new career in the beauty industry but never been brave enough to take the leap? Always loved doing your friends (and even partners) nails to relax at night after work? Here are The Training Company’s top 7 reasons why you should take a course and take the leap to becoming a fully certified nail technician.

3D Nails

3D Nails © ChicNailz

1. Creativity – Becoming a nail technician gives you (almost) complete freedom to try out new styles and designs on your clients nails. The world of nails is always changing and developing and as it does there are no limits to what you can create on a clients nails. Keep it stylish with a simple manicure and pedicure, create amazing 3D art with nail piercings and rhinestones or just simply use your talents to produce beautiful artwork your client will love to share with the world.

2. Trends – As well as being creative in your work, you also get to be bang on trend with everything you do and even create some trends of your own! If you are on trend with your work then your clients will love to come back again and again to ensure they keep on trend too!

3. Meeting new people – A good nail technician will have a long list of return clients who will have their nails done on a regular basis and due to this it is a great way to make new friends and meet new people. A booming salon will consist of new customers looking for a change, return customers and even just that girl who is looking to look good for a special occasion. You will meet so many different people and will always have a great time doing so.

4. Owning your own business – The great thing about becoming a nail technician is it can be done in your own time and times that suit you. If you are looking to start off nails as a career but don’t want to risk leaving your current job, you can always get a good client base started during your spare time after work and in your own time create your own business to suit you!

5. Continuous popularity – Nail painting first became fashionable in the U.S. in the 1920s with the introduction of automobile paint and before that women would try tinting their nails with red oil or added gloss with tinted creams or powders…all in the name of fashion! Ever since then the popularity of having beautifully painted or designed nails has continued to boom and has became a way of live so the need for a good, creative nail technician is something which will also be required.

Nails Training Course

Nail Designs Training Course


6. Client satisfaction – When you care about your job, then the results are obvious in your work and there is nothing more satisfying in a job than knowing that your client has went away happy. No matter how much of a tough day your client has had, it is almost guaranteed that with a nice new nail makeover, your client will walk away with a new lease of life and give you a great boost of confidence.

7. Always learning – The great thing about becoming a nail technician is that you are never finished learning. There is always a new style to learn, a new technique or new equipment to help make your job more interesting. In the world of nails, your job will never be the same and everyday will feel like a new adventure.

So why not make that leap today and you can too have all of these benefits in your job. The Training Company offer many different nail courses throughout all of the UK so whether you fancy learning nail extensions, manicures and pedicures, acrylics or even 3D design, there is a course to suit you.

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All About Brows – Eyebrow Extensions

Last week we let you all in on our special offer to receive a free kit when booking in on our, ‘All about Brows’ course. The offer went down a storm and many of you are very interested in the new course she we thought we would give you a bit more insight into what the course has to offer you.

All About Brows

All About Brows is an innovative treatment which will allow you to extend, thicken, lengthen and fully define anyones eyebrows with the addition of eyebrow hairs directly to the skin. This fantastic new treatment will enable you to fill gaps or even create an entire natural brow.

The All About Brows treatment does not use a lash glue but using a specially formulated adhesive which is exclusive to The Training Company and is also completely safe and natural for use for eyebrow extensions.

In order to take this eyebrow extensions course you must have either an individual eyelash extension qualification or eyebrow enhancement certificate and you MUST have been skin tested in the store 48 hours beforehand to ensure you have no allergies to allow other students to work on you and vice versa.

The course is accredited by Professional Beauty & The Beauty Guild and includes a certificate which will enable the student to obtain liability insurance.

If you would like to book a spot on our ‘All About Brows’ eyebrow extension course then please contact us and we will arrange for training near you.


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