Beauty SQA Courses

Beauty SQA Courses

Beauty SQA Courses

SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) courses have been around for years to help people gain a range of qualifications. There are numerous Beauty SQA courses you can take, and they vary from highly academic, to vocational. Each course is made up of different elements that come together to form the basis of your test at the end. Upon taking the test, you’re then given a grade. If you get a passing grade, you’re awarded the relevant qualification. Depending on the level of your SQA course, you could get qualifications that are on par with university degrees. They are meant as alternatives to those that can’t get the relevant qualifications through school or university. There are constantly more and more SQA courses being made available to people.

The Training Company is proud to announce that it’s gained SQA approval and can now run SVQ courses with a beauty focus. Many people become self-employed and start a beauty related business. However, to do this, you need the correct beauty qualifications. With an SVQ course from The Training Company, you can achieve this and get ready to start your thriving business.

For years, The Training Company has worked to help those trying to get ahead in the beauty and nail industry. We recognised that this was an industry that would grow in popularity as the years went by. Almost every street you walk down will have at least one nail salon or beauty parlour. So, The Training Company decided to try and advance the nail and beauty industry as far as possible, with training. Working alongside some of the best trainers in the world, numerous courses were developed. All of the courses are highly informative and follow a strict structure designed to elicit success. And, each one is run by a fully qualified professional trainer. You’ll find these courses in locations all over the UK, no matter where you live, there should be a course near you.

The Training Company has received accreditation from various nail and beauty governing bodies. And, students are provided with certificates once they have completed a course. These certificates carry a huge amount of weight as they allow you to open your own beauty salon.

All of the courses offered will cater to different people with different goals. There are beginner courses to help train people that are looking for a complete career change. And, there are some courses that can help people within the industry. Perhaps you want to gain more qualifications in the hope of advancing your nail and beauty career? Rest assured the Training Company can provide a top quality training course for you.

With The Training Company, you get a structured course that can help you get more out of your life. A lot of people don’t realise their potential until they take one of the courses. And, some are unaware of the qualifications needed to make it in this industry. Every course is designed to make it easy for students to pass and gain the qualifications they need to further their career.

The courses are mainly run in Scotland with SQA courses in Glasgow, Strathclyde, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire and other locations up and down the country.