Nail Sculpting


Being able to ‘sculpture’ an Acrylic nail is, without question, the ‘pinnacle’ of any Nail Technician’s career. There’s no gluing or blending of tips, the length and shape of the nail is sculpted with your brush, creating any shape, including the latest ‘stiletto’ nails, permanent ‘french manicure’, and glitter nails. You will also learn how to create a new nail bed on which to build a sculptured nail for nail biters.

Course Includes:

  • Application of foil sculpting
  • Applying the acrylic sculptured overlay
  • Creating a permanent french finish reverse application
  • • How to create stiletto nails
  • Create an apex
  • How to extend a nail bed
  • Pinching & filing techniques
  • Room preparation & hygiene
  • Contra indications & contra actions
  • Preparation of the natural nail
  • Maintenance & removal
  • Aftercare guidance
  • Assessment

This course is for qualified nail technicians with at least 6 months experience and able to do a successful Acrylic overlay.