Theory Units

Theory units cover various aspects necessary for providing services, acquiring and maintaining successful employment, and managing a workplace.


Develop and Maintain Effectiveness at Work

Maintaining your effectiveness at work is fundamental in any salon environment. With these evaluation skills, you will be able to constantly monitor and develop your abilities which will increase your employability.

Promote Additional Services or Products to Customers

This module is concerned with marketing your services and ensuring that your recommendations are necessary and helpful for the client. The theory in this module is covered in an assignment. Client counseling/consultation techniques and product sales are also covered.

Ensure Responsibility for Actions to Reduce Risks to Health and Safety

Ensuring that your own actions reduce risks to health and safety is a fundamental part of the course ensuring that you understand all aspects in relation to the workplace. The theory is covered in a home study pack whilst the practice element is maintained throughout the course.

Fulfill Salon Reception Duties

With this module, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your salon reception skills and management duties. If you have already gained qualifications in any of these units, this knowledge can be accredited, meaning you may not need to repeat past qualifications.